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Life is unpredictable and mysterious. It can be dull, it can be crazy. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes not quite so. But anyway, it’s life, basically, the only thing each of us has on this planet. And BitLife allows you to live it to the fullest more than once! So let’s get started!

It’s your life to live!

The concept of the game is simple yet so complex. You start out as a random character who has a whole life ahead of them. Maybe it’s a beautiful boy, maybe a not so beautiful girl. Maybe you’re born in a progressive country like the U.S., or maybe you’ll have to struggle with social and economical issues somewhere in the middle Asia. Maybe you’re the only child in the family, maybe you have multiple siblings. All these things are your starting points from where you can steer your character just about in any direction!

Think of BitLife as an ultimate life simulator. But instead of all the characters walking around and doing stuff in real time, everything happens in a sort of a text format. You don’t really see anything unfold on your screen, but rather read about it in all the pop-up messages informing you about all the events and plot twists. And the person writing that plot is you!

Of course, the game will throw various random stuff and unpredictable turns at you. But most of the times, everything happening to your character will be directly or indirectly stemming from the choices you make. Those choices won’t always be stated to you bluntly, like in the form of checkboxes or something. But every time your character reaches a certain age, you will have several minor and one major decision to make.

Those decisions of yours will affect not only the entire course of your life, but also all the other choices that will pop up at further stages of the game. Naturally, if you walk down a shady path of a criminal, you will hardly get an option to be chosen as a senator. And if you’re a senator, it’s no option for you to go on a drinking spree in the middle of an election campaign (well, you can, but then goodbye, White House). So choose wisely!

Work on your stats and relationships!

The interface of BitLife Simulator is as smooth as a roller skating track. You’ll find yourself navigating through a vibrant and user-friendly screen that puts all the power in your fingertips. From menus and buttons to colorful icons, it’s a delightful feast for your eyes. Everything is just a tap away, allowing you to seamlessly explore the nooks and crannies of this bonkers virtual realm.

The first thing you have to note while rummaging though the menu is your hero’s stats. Your character is a unique blend of looks, intelligence, health, happiness, and charisma. Sculpt their appearance to be as beautiful, bizarre, or bewildering as you desire. Watch their intelligence soar to genius levels or revel in the sheer silliness of their lack thereof. Keep them in the pink of health or let them stumble through life with a penchant for chaos. The stats are the spice that brings flavor to your character’s existence, guiding their choices and shaping their destiny.

The next thing you need to keep a close eye on is your relationship section. In BitLife, relationships are like a wild dance party that never ends. Date, marry, and even have children with the virtual loves of your life. Forge friendships, mend broken hearts, or engage in dramatic love triangles that would make even the most seasoned soap opera writers blush. Your character’s family members, from parents and siblings to children and grandchildren, bring a sense of joy, drama, and occasional chaos to your simulated world. Cherish these relationships or let them devolve into hilarious feuds – the choice is yours, you magnificent puppeteer!

Choose any career and hobbies – or none!

Just like in real life, in BitLife you have to get money somewhere to provide yourself with everything you need. And that means getting a job (but first probably an education). Choose from a plethora of professions that range from the ordinary to the downright extraordinary. Become a doctor, lawyer, astronaut, or even a professional clown! Climb the corporate ladder, make stacks of virtual cash, and revel in the joys and challenges of your chosen occupation. But hey, if you’re feeling a bit mischievous, the criminal life beckons. Engage in daring heists, crafty scams, and exhilarating escapes from the long arm of the law. Just remember, every action has consequences, and the virtual world can be unforgiving!

But this game isn’t just about the daily grind. It’s about embracing the wild and wonderful activities that bring joy, excitement, and occasional bouts of laughter to your character’s life. Play musical instruments, paint breathtaking masterpieces, write bestselling novels, or explore the thrill of extreme sports. Let your imagination run wild as you engage in hobbies that unleash your character’s hidden talents and provide endless hours of virtual entertainment.

Your choices decide everything!

Every decision you make in BitLife is like a pebble thrown into the vast ocean of possibilities. From the mundane to the outlandish, your choices ripple through time, shaping the future of your character. Will you study hard or slack off? Pursue love or embrace a solitary life? Make ethical choices or succumb to the temptations of mischief? Each decision carries weight, leading you down paths of triumph, hilarity, or unexpected twists. Embrace the freedom of choice and hold on tight as your character’s journey unfolds in the most wonderfully unpredictable ways!

So it’s time for your very first incarnation in this crazy, fun and profoundly philosophical game. Dive headfirst into BitLife and let your imagination run wild! Embrace the craziness, relish the variety of options, and unleash your wildest dreams in this virtual playground. It’s a world where the mundane becomes extraordinary, the absurd becomes hilarious, and the choices are as insane as they get. This is your virtual life, and you can live it as you want!

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