BitLife Online

Hey, sim fans! Buckle up for another incredible life simulator that is going to take you on an unforgettable journey through the ups and downs of life, even though purely virtual! You’ll be able to try everything you’ve dreamed of, make a stunning career and have a happy family – or throw it all to the wind and just have a life-long blast with an unpredictable ending! The choice is yours, so let’s start making it!

Live your life anew!

In BItLife online, you’re in charge of a character who’s a clean slate right now. They’ve just been born, and they have a whole life to live. And how they’re gonna turn out depends on you! From the very first toddler steps to the very last as a wrinkled old man or lady (that is, if you don’t die early of a car accident, drug overdose or simply unhealthy eating), you’ll be guiding your hero through all the happy, sad, hilarious and tragic moments.

Everything counts here. Will you choose to study well at school or skip classes with your a gang of crazy hairy rockers? Will you go to college or hang out in the street looking for easy cash? Will you become a respectable man or a homeless drunkard, if you’re a man, a housewife and mother or career lady if you’re a woman? Don’t disregard even the slightest choices cause they pile up to form your entire future!

Shape your future and your personality!

Your career choice is probably the most important decision to make cause it will define both the general course of your life and your social status, including income size, reputation and access to various benefits. Strap on your dream job helmet, we’re about to dive headfirst into a pool of quirky occupations and outrageous career choices! Whether you want to pursue your dream job or embrace a more unconventional path, BitLife has got you covered!

To start, let’s talk about the factors that influence your chances of landing that dream job or getting the boot. The first is obviously education. Wanna be a brain surgeon or an astrophysicist? Well, you’ll need to hit the books. The more education you have, the higher your chances of nabbing those prestigious positions. Go to school, college, or even university to boost your knowledge and expand your career opportunities.

Your character’s smarts play a big role in determining their career options. Jobs that require a higher intelligence stat, like becoming a lawyer or scientist, will be more accessible if you’ve got a high IQ. But hey, don’t fret if you’re not a genius. There are plenty of careers that don’t require a brain the size of a planet.

Experience and skills will also do you a favor in working your way up the ladder. Gaining experience in related fields can increase your chances of landing a specific job. For example, if you want to be a renowned chef, start by flipping burgers at a fast-food joint and work your way up to cooking up culinary masterpieces. Don’t be afraid to learn new skills and take on odd jobs to build your resume!

Choose your path wisely… or not!

The array of jobs you can take in BitLife is simply vast. From doctors, lawyers, and engineers to teachers, artists, and musicians, BitLife offers a smorgasbord of traditional occupations. Climb the corporate ladder, save lives, win court cases, or create beautiful works of art.

But who says you need to follow the beaten path? BitLife offers a range of quirky and offbeat occupations that allow you to let your freak flag fly. Want to be a circus performer, a professional wrestler, or a psychic? Go for it! Embrace the craziness and carve your own unique career path.

But wait, there’s more! BitLife also gives you the freedom to choose a more unconventional lifestyle. After all, who needs a job, right? You can choose to hang around, living life on the edge, free from the shackles of responsibility. Live off your parents, mooch off friends, or even become a homeless wanderer. Just be prepared for the wild and unpredictable adventures that come with it!

Try something off the rocker!

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can even embrace the life of a junkie. Experiment with drugs, ride the rollercoaster of addiction, and navigate the treacherous path to recovery. It’s a tumultuous journey, but one that showcases the highs, lows, and ultimate triumphs of the human spirit.

Feeling a little naughty, are we? BitLife gives you the option to dive into a life of crime. Become a mastermind thief, a notorious mob boss, or a sneaky con artist. But beware, for the long arm of the law may come knocking at your door. Get ready for thrilling heists, prison breaks, and a whole lot of chaos!

So pick your path in BitLife, whether it’s the traditional route, the path less traveled, or the downright criminal! Embrace the absurdity, take risks, and bask in the sheer joy of creating a life that’s as crazy, wacky, and entertaining as can be. Your BitLife begins right now!

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