Cat Simulator

This game will immediately remind of a similar project – life simulator. But this time, you are offered to transform into a lovely pet. You will play for a cat. Check the menu to select the personage to your taste and embark on a cool adventure. You will have a huge virtual house at your disposal. And you can do everything an animal can usually do – sleep, eat, play. Everyone knows the usual cat’s routine. You will get access to six areas. These are a house, a garden, two floors of a lovely country house, a recreation area and a street. Each location offers a lot of engaging activities. But one thing is to remember – you must create as much chaos around as a mischievous cat can do!

Have endless fun!

In each location, you will find a wide variety of missions, but in any case, the funniest thing is improvisation! You will meet other pets – they will ask you for help but you do not necessarily need to follow their requests. You can always act as you want. Cats are well known for being stubborn. Moreover, you can bring intentional harm – break fragile things and create mess everywhere you appear. Earn points and unlock new personages for even more fun. This fabulous entertainment will be especially interesting for little kids who will get a great chance to see the surrounding world through the eyes of the cat. They will love 3D interaction and the possibility to do whatever they like. Full freedom and endless fun!

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