DEEEER Simulator

This is the most absurd adventure you have ever tried. In Deeeer Simulator, you will assume the role of a whimsical character and enjoy a lot of humor and fun. You will become a deer, a restless personage who radiated energy. He is ready to explore an open world and create incredible chaos and mischief in the most unimaginable ways. It is something absolutely different to what you may have already experienced in online gaming projects. But why not to try something absolutely new?

Use all unique powers of the protagonist!

Your quirky character has some remarkable abilities that may sound really weird. The deer can stretch his neck and rush through the air with rocket-powered hooves. These cool powers only help the hero create disorder. Let him jump, kick, headbutt, and even throw objects with the most terrible consequences. The range of activities at your disposal is boundless and you will surely enjoy them all. The game offers several fabulous locations to have fun – cities, forests, mountains, and even underwater environments. The walkthrough is full of comical and absurd situations throughout your adventure. Every time you start a new round, you will receive a list of missions to complete. Earn points to unlock new powers of your character. Besides, you can use customization tools to make him look cool and extravagant. Enjoy this unusual simulator to the fullest! Lots of laughter is guaranteed!

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