Eco Inc. Save The Earth Planet

Are you worried about the future of our planet? Then you will definitely enjoy this cool simulator in which you will be saving the earth. You will get the authority to solve various ecological problems and the like. You will become the head of a powerful eco-friendly corporation that promotes endless programs and projects aimed to stop all ecological threats. You will have to analyze what hazards are the most dangerous and develop a strategy to minimize or eliminate their potential influence. Do you believe you know how to restore the planet’s well-being?

Crete powerful strategies!

You will have multiple tools and devices to work out ecological plans and then implement them. Each project will have a particular goal – for example, get harmless solar energy. For this you must develop a project and install solar receiving equipment. After each initiative, you will be given feedback in the form of statistics. You will see how much you could improve the health of the Earth. Fight with a climate change by eliminating air and water contamination, closing down harmful production sites and so on. Step by step, the world will start to restore and transform. Will you manage to completely cure the planet from everything that can ruin it? It is going to be a long and hard work. Check it out now what can be your contribution to this alarming problem. You will love this activity and learn a lot of new things about ecology.

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