God Simulator

Imagine you have your own world? It is not an evil joke but the reality you are going to embrace in this new game. You will become a god, and your task is to create your own universe. This simulator offers you all the tools for this weird mission. It may seem unrealistic, but make sure to give it a try. The very first step is to select a preferred biome and fill it with life. There are fifteen different options you can currently choose from. Just choose the one you like, purchase seeds and get started. Now you need to inhabit your land with living beings. Each of the biomes supports a particular set of live creatures. Besides, there are four races you will interact with. These are humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. Not all of them are friendly to each other, and you must take it into account.

You can both create and destruct

This simulator stands out from the crowd due to its peculiar feature. You can create in this game endlessly, but you can also destruct! Thus, you can pose numerous challenges for your virtual population, testing their survival skills through a variety of natural disasters. You’ll encounter a multitude of trials for your chosen race—unleash a deadly virus upon them and observe how they strive to combat it. Furthermore, you can embroil them in brutal wars as they fight for new territories. This simulator presents an intellectual quest that both children and adults will adore. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this cool experience!

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