Hyper Life

It is a clear fact that our decisions influence our life and its further events. Actually, we make dozens of choices every day, even if we seldom realize it. However, it is a decision-making process that creates out life scenario. And this game is also devoted to such an activity. Here, you will see how it actually works. In other words, it is a thrilling life simulator that allows you to live and modify every day of your life. Are you sure that you have enough experience and wits to make it all right? Let’s check it together!

Just make a choice!

The gameplay is designed in an interesting structure. These are endless questions that you need to respond. But do not worry – every time, you will get three response options to choose from. And you do not need special knowledge as all the questions are straightforward, so there’s no need to invent anything. However, it’s important to note that every choice you make will bring a specific outcome. Thus, your character will lead a life that entirely depends on you. Take your time and carefully consider your options before settling on an answer, as each choice will invariably have consequences. Now it is time to get acquainted with your personage and take the first decision for him or her. What is your plan? Will they become a successful individual with lots of achievements or fail all trials to end up a complete failure? Lots of unexpected turns and twists make the walkthrough especially exciting!

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