Mini Market Tycoon

What about your own startup? In this game, it will just be a modest mini-market. But it is in your power to expand it and let it thrive. It all depends on your entrepreneurial skills and the ability to work hard. Of course, it may look unrealistic to transform your little business into the best Supermarket. But do not worry, your efforts will surely bring results very soon. In the beginning, you will own a very little place to sell goods and rather a limited budget. But if you make right decision, it will all start to change rapidly. Try to set attractive prices for the goods you have to sell them all and accumulate more money.

Earn and further invest!

When you get your first profits, you must think wisely about how to spend your funds. First of all, you must expand your assortment for more clients to get interested in shopping here. As your business grows, you will need to increase your space and buy new equipment. Keep growing the selection on your shelves, launch different pricing campaigns and other things to get more clients. When you feel you really struggle to address all areas on your own, you are free to fire additional staff. In other words, you must demonstrate your best skills to make your little business grow. Both kids and adults will love this immersive activity where you only focus on the progress. Turn into a real market tycoon in this cool activity. And just have endless fun!

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