Papa’s Burgeria

Welcome to the exciting Papa’s Burgeria online simulator. This project is especially recommended for those players who love time management games. You take on the role of a new employee of a fast food restaurant owned by a famous city chef. However, your boss departs on a vacation, leaving you entirely responsible for running it. It looks a disaster! But at the same time, it is your chance to demonstrate you can boost the burgeria and make it even more popular. Are you ready for an exciting challenge in which you are to craft delicious burgers and cope with an endless flow of clients?

Make your restaurant thrive!

Your only objective is to please each customer. They come for tasty burgers with all possible ingredients and components. Your task is to create a burger that fully matches each order. You must be very careful with products and flavors as just one slightest mistake may leave you with no tips. It’s essential to construct the burger, including every ingredient without fail. If you do everything correctly, your score and points will grow. It will enable you to invest into new recipes and equipment and expand your restaurant. With each new day, the number of clients increases. You will have to develop a workable strategy to take all orders and fulfil them with no mistakes. Test this fantastic simulator to test your managerial skills and gain a cool burger-cooking experience. A great activity to kill time and have fun!

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