Papa’s Freezeria

How many recipes of delicious ice cream do you know? None? And have you ever wanted to learn how to prepare this refreshing treat? Look no further than this game, where you can easily acquire this skill. Immerse yourself in an engaging simulator where you get a job in the popular restaurant that belongs to the renowned chef. However, your boss leaves you alone with all the cooking and customers. And now you need to maintain its work and prove you can attract even more clients. Are you ready to embrace this challenge? Let’s dive right in!

Make your customers happy!

Prepare yourself for an endless stream of visitors, each arriving with their own unique ice cream recipe request. It is necessary to carefully write down each order. If you fail to add some ingredients or mix them incorrectly, you may forget about good feedback and tops. It’s crucial to make the right ice cream to impress your client. Countless recipes await you in the game! But good performance will bring you earnings that you can use to upgrade your restaurant. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new ingredients that expand your creative potential. Bear in mind that you need to play for a chef, manager, and waiter simultaneously. So you must work with no rest if you wish to achieve success. Demonstrate you are flawless in multitasking and prove that you can take this cool freezeria to even a new level and impress your boss!

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