Papa’s Pizzeria

Are you a fan of the famous cooking series about Papa Louie? Then you know well he is a reputable chef who runs endless restaurants and cafes. This is a new game in this collection. And now you are to discover his new pizzeria. Moreover, the chef urgently needs an assistant, and you are to assume this role in this cool episode. Do you have enough cooking skills to take a crowded pizzeria under your control? It involves tons of customers and endless pizza recipes! It is a real challenge to go through! But you will surely manage it with a correct approach!

Be fast and productive!

Your agility and attentiveness are the key factors to succeed! This little pizzeria turns out to be a popular place, with crowds of hungry customers visiting it daily. It’s your responsibility to carefully take their orders and come up their desired pizzas by adding all the preferred ingredients. It will be extremely difficult to balance your time between the kitchen and customers. They will not like it if you keep them waiting. You will receive even worse feedback if you add wrong ingredients. Prove you are attentive at all stages of your work and satisfy everyone who ordered a pizza from you. Unfortunately, you will have no time to rest or relax – you must work without a stop to achieve success and approval of the boss. Can you transform this place into the most popular spot in town? Dive into this cool activity and enjoy every moment!

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