Pet Idle

If your kid is looking for a new online game, this exhilarating simulator will surely bring hours of engaging gameplay. It will take the players to the virtual word where they can have a pet! If owning a pet has always been your dream, don’t miss out on this game where you can finally have a four-legged companion. But same as in real life, you must be ready to give it enough love and attention. Are you sure you are enough responsible and caring for this mission? Then let’s get it started! You are offered to select your pet from 19 different breeds of cats and dogs. Each of them possesses their own charm and unique traits, so the choice is yours to make!

Make sure your pet is happy!

What can your new family member need? Of course, a cozy living space! Do all you can to create the best possible home, complete with a comfortable corner for your furry friend. If you devote enough care cars and attention to your cat or dog, you’ll see its rapid growth. It will bring you experience points. The game will lead you through a plethora of captivating tasks and quests. Accomplish them all and boost your score. Excellent performance will unlock exciting new features. Don’t hesitate any longer—start now! You will get a lot of positive emotions by interacting with these adorable virtual pets, even though they may only exist within the game. Besides, the game will teach younger players how to care for their pets. It is vital before having a real one!

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