Pocket Anime Maker

Here is something absolutely exciting for anime fans. Now you can have even more fun with these lovely character with big eyes and cartoonish appearance. You will not believe, but you will be able to design them on your own. Sounds intriguing, right? This is a cool online editor with hundreds of customization options, allowing you to develop unique personages from scratch. And it only depends on you how they will look like. You are encouraged to experiment and make them the weirdest possible. Are you ready for this fun?

Prove you have cool designing skills!

First of all, check the menu to see what tools and devices you have here. Now it is time to experiment – mix and match different options until you are happy about the outcome. Try to make your anime heroes really unconventional – they may have yellow eyes and pink hair. Besides facial features, you will get access to tons of clothing items to create an individual style for your personage. You can also use various accessories to make it more unique. And even pets can be found here. So you can create a lovely anime girl with a cute cat and so on. There are no restrictions that can limit you in this entertainment. On the contrary, the more eye-catching result you could achieve, the better. It is time to dive into this adventure and have a new portion of fun. This anime maker will be especially enjoyed by kids who are always radiate with creative ideas.

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