Raft Life

This survival story will make you fully immerse into the walkthrough. Your hero one day wakes up in the middle of the open ocean. You are floating on a shabby raft. If you keep remaining idle – you will inevitably die. So if you want to remain alive, you are obliged to work without delay. Survival becomes your only thought, so there is no time to waste. The first thing to do is to repair your raft if you do not want to get sunk under the water. Hungry sharks are rushing around, waiting for the moment to swallow you.

Find resources to survive!

Creating survival strategy is paramount. Panicking will not help you. Your raft is about to break so urgent repair is needed. But you do not have necessary building resources and tools for immediate repairs. All you have at your disposal is a simple hook. Use it to catch various items that are floating in the water. Step by step, you will strengthen your raft. Do not forget to get some food and drinking water to maintain your health level. Gradually, you will find enough resources to upgrade your raft and install various things here. But that’s not the end of your story. Once your raft reaches a suitable level of stability, you can sail to other islands and explore new environments. There are many obstacles to overcome – earn points and keep discovering new wonders in these endless waters. As you can see, your days will be busy from dawn till dusk. You will love this challenge.

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