Sims 4 Love Story Match 3 Puzzle

Is Sims one of your favorite online entertainment? Then you will also love this new online game, where you will again meet your beloved personages. However, this time, you are not going to simulate their life like in the original release. Now, your objective is somewhat different. You will deal with a collection of jigsaw puzzles. So how strong are your memory and logic skills, as you will need them to complete the task. Are you with us for more fun? Then lets deal with the first puzzle!

Test all difficulty levels!

Your task looks more than easy. You have a picture with the brightest personages from the Sims. You have only several seconds to memorize them all. Then, the image is split to parts like in a puzzle. And you must recollect the original layout and restore this picture. It will not be so easy as you may think. All the elements are bright and sometimes it is confusing enough how to blend them together correctly. But do not give up without a try! Just focus on familiar faces, and step by step things will start moving. Prove you are attentive and can pick up the slightest details. This activity will help you kill time and enhance your skills. It is ideal for adults and kids, so do not hesitate to test it yourself. There are three difficulty levels. You may start with the easiest one and slowly pass to more complicated challenges. You will enjoy this brain-teasing entertainment. Do your best to complete all puzzles!

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