Teacher Simulator

This immersive simulator will let you transform into a teacher! It is going to be a thrilling experience to see the surrounding world through the glasses of the teacher. You get a customizable character that can navigate through endless challenges of a teacher’s life in the walls of the school. It will not be so easy as it may seem. Your hero will have a vast range of responsibilities – from managing student behavior to conducting lessons. Moreover, the protagonist has a lot of out-of-the-class activities to be organized. Are you ready to learn more about the challenges and rewards of this profession?

Try as many things as you can!

You will find yourself in a realistic and dynamic environment, where you can interact with virtual students. Each student is different, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and individual needs. As a teacher, you will need to create different teaching strategies to find an approach to each of them. One of the cool features of this project is to create engaging lesson plans and activities to get your students interested in the education process. As you progress through the gameplay, you face endless challenges, such as handling classroom disruptions, addressing individual needs of your students, and managing time effectively. Complete them one by one and earn cool rewards. Check whether you can become a really reputable and respected teacher in this exciting simulator.

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